POD Conference 2018

Peer-supported Open Dialogue is a form of client-driven, relationship-centred mental healthcare that brings friends, families and peers together to support the person experiencing distress, helping them make sense of their experience and find a way forward together. This is different to the 1:1 care most receive today, and the emphasis is on enabling the person at the centre of care to take control and gain a sense of agency together with their social network from day one.

The world’s largest trial of Open Dialogue is now underway in the UK and so the conference was an opportunity to deliver a progress report on that. In addition, given the international attention we have now generated in our Open Dialogue training and research, the founders and most high profile Open Dialogue practitioners and teachers from around the world, including Jaakko Seikkula, were speaking on the day too.

You can view the slides that were used during this year conference: